The Bike Was Stolen

July 29, 2023 – 11:41 am
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One way to increase the mobility of special units in the enemy ' s rear is to use motorcycles (two-wheeled, three-wheeled, including those equipped with prams) that are capable of moving at a high speed not only on the highway but also on the intermittent and desert areas. Light, but powerful, modern " bays " are not only capable of moving the group of special equipment over long distances, but also of increasing its firepower, as they can carry cumbersome weapons (mines, recoilless weapons, ATRM, MANPADS) and a large number of ammunition.
Such vehicles can be easily dropped from an aircraft to a given area on a parachute in a special container or on a platform that guarantees their safe landing. However, much more effective is the dispensation of motor vehicles into the enemy ' s rear of the cargo helicopter with the " sedos " . At the same time, there is almost instantaneous readiness of the " prosper " to enter the fight or begin its deployment to the area. For example, during the military exercises of the Taiwan Army several years ago, journalists were successfully demonstrated by the extremely effective exit of an elite specialty on special two-wheeled motorcycles directly from the cargo compartment of a two-tier SN-46 helicopter, Chinuk. A little history.

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