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Irbit Motorcycle Museum
February 2, 2023 – 07:25 am

Спортивные мотоциклы Урал с коляскойUral and heavy motorcycles and other vehicles

Today, you and I are going to the Irbit State Museum of Motorcycles. In our review, we'll talk about the museum collection, there'll be a lot of photographs, feedback, prices, time of work. We'll tell you how to get and find the museum. But everything is in order.

Before the Irbit Revolution was known for its fairs, since the mid-twenty-first century, it has become a city where famous motorcycles are available throughout the country. At the end of the past century, despite the fact that the factory is barely working, Irbit is once again surprised and forced to speak of itself.

Four friends from Irbit receive a book of Guinness records, where among the world ' s achievements, Graham Grey ' s record was recorded on a motorcycle with a three-hour stand. The women who are reading this article have immediately moved to what is going on... Of course, men are such men... Friends have decided to break this record because they are not just citizens of the Russian motorcycle capital, but they have the most direct relevance to this mode of transport.

Constantine Matveyev traveled eight hours and 14 minutes to the side. Vladimir Glukhov made his task harder and took an 8-hour back drive for 47 minutes.По середине немецкий BMW R-71, справа от него наш М72 And, of course, you can't fail to mention the still unbearable record of Alexander Bulanov and Anatoly Bekishev, and they've traveled to lift the stroller for 24 hours. There was no stopping at all, but the bike was running.

One of the record--- Alexander Bulanov will later be the founder of the museum. Not just a museum, but the only State Museum of Motorcycles.

Первая гражданская модель М72МThe base of the museum was the collection of Irbit Motorcycle Plant motor vehicles.
There are now over 120 transport units in the museum collection. Of course not everything's in the halls, but the most interesting, cult models we can see.

By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, our army had no equipment such as a motorcycle, so the establishment of this means of movement for the military was an important task.

In August 1941, the Moscow Motorcycle Company released the first models of the Soviet military motorcycle. It was decided to take a German BMW R-71 after the forwards and refinements, it became a Soviet M-72 motorcycle. And in October, the factory was evacuated to Irbit. That's what started the famous Ural factory.

The production of military motorcycles continued until 1955, after which civilian motorcycles started. One of the first was M72M.

Модель М73 Акула Модель ИМЗ-8.123 «Цирк» Модель BSA Lightning, год выпуска 1967, Англия.
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