The Bike Was Stolen From The Side

Motocycles were stolen, filled with bottles of vodka, started to sell in the dry
March 11, 2023 – 10:19 am
Возможности мотоцикла УРАЛ с

Ural Ambassador Limited Edition, established in honour of the 75-year anniversary of the enterprise, will be issued with a limited circulation of 25 copies.

A special series is different from a combination of options and accessories. For example, black-coloured engines and gearboxes, bell carpets and baggage built in it, a cap, a canister and a lot of other.

But the main feature is a brand-new pharmacy, consisting of a bottle of vodka, fish cans, and a pack of gum rubber.

With regard to the technical side, there are no changes. The motorcycle is driven by a 750-koub 42-strong opponent working with a 4-stage mechanic.

The price of the Ural Ambassador Limited Edition motorcycle in the American market is 16,500 dollars (about 978,000 roubles at current rates).

We note that 99% of the sale of the Irbit Motorcycle Company is exported. About half of the Urals are sold to the US. In Russia, 7 models were presented in the commercial line of the factory, 6 of which were from the pram. They are sold at the start-up price of 584,000 to 674,000 roubles. There are about 157 employees working on the IMZ, and there are between 1,200 and 1,300 Urals out of the factory every year.

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At the same time, the Ural Sahara motorcycle entered the United States market on the Bloomberg version at 10 luxury vehicles in 2016.

Brend "Wal" is known to the world's motorcycle amateurs. In the West, the products of the Irbit factory are particularly valued for the presence of a wheelchair.

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