Motorcycle Scale

August 6, 2023 – 04:58 am
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In this section, you will find a variety of motorcycle models, from Welly high-to-inert motorcycles superheroes from Yellow.

Large models of motorcycles from a known company Welly are created by producer licences, so each motorcycle is an exact replica of a real prototype. In general, the size of the model is 1:18. All engine parts, chains, headlamps, brake discs, legs are visible on the motorcycle. The Model Corps is well painted, it includes the name of the manufacturer and all the necessary stickers. Welly motorcycles are made of high-quality plastics and metal, models are equipped with a functioning steering axle and a foot, and tyres are made of rubber material. Motorcycle models to be supplied with a special delivery that can be fixed and placed on the shelf.

The range includes the most famous and popular Honda, Kawasaki, BMW and other manufacturers. Also, Welly produces models of quadrocycles and scooters. Toy motorcycles won't leave indifferent both children and adults. They can be played without fear that the model falls apart - Welly guarantees the quality of the collection and materials.

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