How To Redo The Bike

How to redo it:
May 2, 2023 – 07:36 am
до того как попал к вам в руки

The most important part of any motorcycle is his frame. It is the frame that determines in many ways the power of the motorcycle (not just the caste), which means its appearance. It is up to the frame to which type of motorcycle will be yours, Dnieper, classic, enduro or sports. All of this is relatively, because Dnieper, I believe, can only build a chopper.

So you have a purely washing of the Dnieper frame. What can you do? There's a lot to do, especially if you cut it completely into the pipes. But it should be seen as the construction of a new frame, not as a transfusion. The transfer implies a relatively small interference in the design.

The most popular rhetoric is:

  1. Extension of the rear frame (engine). It's possible to increase the driver's foot space. Normally, the frame is extended by 5 to 15 cm with the appropriate length of the cardinal vala. The degree of elongation usually depends on the growth of the biker.
  2. Extension of the front frame (motor) Allows the American planting to be carried out by an opposition engine. In such a case, the control of the braking system and the gearbox shall be transferred to a rod located in front of the engine at a height, which shall be selected individually for the height and length of the driver ' s legs. This is the principle that has been implemented in the Russian Volk. I note that the height of " paedals " on this motorcycle has been selected approximately and moderately. As a result, the driver ' s feet are unreasonably " kicked " up.

In the case of an elongation of the front frame, the standard length of the cartel shall normally be used.

  1. Range of the frame. Used for a larger rear wheel. Personal experience has shown that the rear wheel may not be more than 200-210 mm wide. When a larger wheel is installed, either a lazy cartel with an intermediate cap or a refrigerator shall be used to remove the cardinal shaft.
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