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March 8, 2023 – 09:29 am
Сегодня, спустя

If you were thinking about buying a new Chinese motorcycle, it should be noted that there were quite many quality Chinese motoprom in the market. Most Chinese firms rely on the development of known Japanese brands and have made great strides in the reliability and design of their motorcycles, maintaining the affordable cost of labour. For our years of experience in the moto technology market, we have thoroughly studied all existing Chinese manufacturers and are engaged in the sale of motorcycles of the highest quality (Viper, Qingqi, Skybike, Zongshen, Lifan, Bajaj, Musstang, Shineray, Jianshe, Loncin).

All motorcycles sold in Moto-Hata Moto Moto Moto-Hata Mobile always have spare parts and consumables. The new motor vehicle is provided with a guarantee of one year or 6,000 km (Skybike 10000 km) as well as a guarantee. All motorcycles are well assembled and tested by our mechanics. Motosalon Moto-Hata offers an opportunity to buy a new motorcycle with a pre-test drive. The value of the vehicle, which is fully recovered after the test drive, must be kept on bail.

Motorcycles over 50 cm3 may be driven by people who have reached the age of 16, with category A rights. Motorcycles are classified according to their purpose and are normally equipped with a mechanical gearbox. There are athletes, choppers, crosses, enduros, roads, pitboys, etc. All Chinese motorcycles represented in our motosalon have a four-stroke engine, they are more economical and have a greater engine resource. The oil in them changes only to the LT (each 1,000-1500 km).

The sale of motorcycles is accompanied by the issuance of a full package of registration documents for the ITL that wish to be registered.

Documents are issued only on the basis of the originals or clear copies of the passport (one, two pages, a note, all folded photos and pages with the date of issue) and the code.

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