Motorcycle Wheels Were Stolen

Mototechnician stole from Kazakhstan
February 15, 2023 – 08:47 am
Колеса на мото урал своими

A motor cycle, with a run, I can buy a sludge from the sidelines for a reasonable price, and without 1955-1970 for rebuilding. m72 k750 m61 m62 m63 may be followed by 49 yr 56 Some parts of them can also be bought. Call!


Steal for 200,000 tons

Add to elected

Motorcycle, run, 6000km, home run


Steal for 160,000 tons

Motorcycle, with a run, I'll sell my bike to Ural 1990, with documents, in good technical condition, and I'll give you a full garage of spare parts!


Motorcycle, run, sell. Motorcycle. And dniper. Coupling with damper springs valued at 15000. Full set. The new Dnieper's price is 9000. 10000th new price

Steal for 70,000 tons

Motorcycle, run, Ural's in good condition, new rubber, new accumulator


Motorcycle, with a run, in a good, stable shark, new butter doesn't run without eating and driving.


Motorcycle, new, no run, I'll sell a new message from M-72, USSR, 8,000 tenge price, brake noodles - 3,000 tenge, lower grass 3000 tenge


Steal for 20,000 tons
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