Motorcycle Joint

70-year-old retiree collected a snowmobile from a motorcycle
November 6, 2023 – 07:59 am
самодельный снегоход из

In Omsk, on the announcement website on 4 November, there was a sales report for 75,000 items of improvised snowing.

According to the NSA, a 70-year-old citizen of Kalacinsk Valery Boltrikov, a snowman he gathered this spring. According to a man, the snowboard assembly is his hobby, it's the 5th of the manually collected snow. On average, according to Valeria, it takes about eight months to collect one snowmobile. The carcas of this snowmobile, painted in orange color, the man cooked on his own and stacked the thin aluminium. In addition, on the shell, it fixed the glass from the motorcycle, skis made 100 mm of gas pipes, and the gas base was welded from another snowmobile, Taiga, a petrol tank with a capacity of 18 litres from the MP-800 motopope. All parts and mechanisms of Valery were purchased and searched separately at the reception points. The idea of gathering his snowstorms was in the forums.

There is a 4-stroke engine inside the Baltrikov improvised machine from a 32-L.s motorcycle, the snow develops to 70 km/h with an average gas flow of 9-12 litres per 100 km.

" The orange painted it because it's one of the brightest flowers and all snows are mostly coloured. I'm not a hunter myself, I'm making fun snows, not for sale. One son-in-law gave it to others, too. " explained to Valery Boltrikov and added that he could collect the tractor, but he didn't need it. The pensioner admitted that he had aerials and a boat he had collected.

He told himself that he had two higher technical education, retired nine years ago and had previously worked as a mechanic engineer at the International. The snowmobile owner noted that his machine had been tested in the springs near Vosresenca, filming his son-in-law.

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