Motorcycle Races

On the benzopile track
May 2, 2023 – 12:58 pm
состоялись зрелищные гонки

Traditional motorcycle races took place in Podmoskovje

More than 90 motorcycles started at the same time in the village of Borodino, three kilometres from Moscow. The Cup of Chkalova started a trip. For the first time, a team of the Metropolitan Police Sport Club participated in this traditional box.

The Chicago Motocross has been organizing a motor-motorcycle club of the Federal Service for the Defence of the Russian Federation for years. And his team's been victorious to this motto. They are traditionally regarded as favourites of these races.

It must be said that the story of this cross began in 1939, the following year, after the death of a legendary pilot of Chkalova, who also loved motorcycles in addition to the planes. Since then, the winter mosses on the birthday of the famous pilot have not stopped. Even the cube that delivers to the winners is the same: a huge porcelain vessel with a portrait of Chkalova.

FSW sportsmen had their own tactics. And she's acquitted herself in counting the results of the command bill.

This year, the number of participants in the winter has increased somewhat. The newcomers in these sports competitions have also decided to show their forces: the sports club of the Moscow police. The team was supported by almost all the chapters of the capital GyBD headed by Victor Kovalenko.

According to him, the team is young, but very ambitious. There are Russia's champions, and there are world champions. Two of them were involved in the recently concluded Dakar Ralli Marathon. One of the players is Anastasia Nifontov.

Read as well.

♪ We believe that we have all the chances of winning, we have informed the correspondent Victor Covalenko. - Although FSW is confident that the cube will reach their team.

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