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February 6, 2023 – 08:27 am
Список лучших фильмов про
The convoy / the convoy / Karavan / Convoy. 1978

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Country: USA, UK
Jeanr: militant, drama, road muvi
Director: Sam Beijingpa / Sam Peckinpah

Chris Christofpherson, Ali McGrowe, Ernest Borgnein, Bert Young, Mej Sinclair, Franklin Edjaya, Brian Davies, Seimur Cassel, Cassie Yats, Walter Kelly

Description: The large convoy of trucks swinging clouds of dust moves towards the border of the south-western part of America. A mass collection of machines of all sizes and worms is conducted by the Lesing Duck, a legendary driver, who gathered an army of uniformed men, protesting police corruption, government laws and shadow politics.

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