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Июль 21, 2016 – 13:24
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USA prepares decoration duties for motorcycles from Europe

The story of how cows can easily peak the motorcycle industry overflew the Internet at an incredible speed. And if there are cows, will you ask?

The European Union has long been engaged in a trade war with America, and has recently introduced new restrictions on the import of beef from the United States in relation to gene and hormonal purity standards. For the U.S., beef exports are a historically key type of business, so a sharp cut in the volume of supplies can cause serious damage to private households and reproduction. The EU is also not too clean with its consumers, many European manufacturers actively use hormonal drugs to accelerate animal growth. But your daughters are always free!

America regularly introduces similar counter-senses against European producers. But this time, the Trade Representative Office of the United States has put forward an interesting initiative: by 22 February, an extensive collection list (up to 100 per cent) for imports into the United States of a variety of Made in EU products should be adopted. 90% of the list consists of meat processing products and other agricultural products in dried, frozen and canned form. But 10% is things that cannot be done in the United States for a number of reasons, such as natural mineral water.

The last two paragraphs do not fit into the beef war: motorcycles, scooters and mopeds of 50 to 250 and 250 to 500 cubic metres (2 points).

The history of U.S. trade wars against importers has a long history. For example, in the 1980s, Harley-Davidson lobbyists imposed 48 per cent of the duty to import Japanese motorcycles, and then aggregated 100 per cent of the manufacturers ' stated prices, in particular Honda and Kawasaki, which then forced the two companies to build their plants in the United States.

This time, a BMW Motorrad and KTM attack is being prepared, as they were the ones that made the rate for mass production and export. Motorcycles From 250 to 450 cubicles per sequestration of the largest markets (USA - No. 1 - China, South-East Asia and India). The BMW G310 series (Road and Enduro, presented in Milan in November), KTM Duke 125, 200 and 390, as well as all their derivatives, currently produced or scheduled for production in 2017-2018, will be subject to sanctions.

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