Benelli 750 sei 1972 motorcycles with 6cylinders
March 14, 2023 – 10:58 am
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Benelli 750 Sei
Motorcycles with six-cylinder engines are not frequent. The species is rare and elitist. The first serial and accessible ordinary buyer was Benelli 750 Sei. The motorcycle was given high expectations that were not meant to be sold.

At the beginning of the seventieth firm, Benelli owned Alejandro de Tomazo. His father emigrated to Argentina in due course and smashed a fortune in the trade of beef. What else can money be made in Argentina? Alejandro grew up in a rich family and had expensive toys like motorcycles and sports cars, purely Italian, the family de Tomaso was not losing contact with the homeland. An adult de Tomaso has evolved into political views with Argentina ' s authority, Juan Peron, and went to Italy, where he founded his own name and bought Maserati. He also got the Benelli and Moto Guzzi motos.

Benelli was instructed to make a motorcycle with a six-cylindrical engine, thereby killing Japanese competitors. At that point, there was no such thing in the world, and de Tomaso knew who was responsible for the case. Benelli engineers were large motorcycle engine specialists, the first motorcycle with a four-cylind drive was built in 1937, although it was purely racing.

By 1972, the first prototype was ready and presented to the public. There was a similarity between Benelli and the Honda CB500 engine, but two more cylinders. However, Honda did not file a complaint about the flame.

Reference and motorcycle It's almost three years. During this time, the motorcycle's design changed. Carrozzeria Ghia was involved in designing the new design.

In 1975, the first serial motorcycles with a six-cylindrical motor started to come to dealers. The name didn't make a big deal. Sei means six in Italian. Otherwise, the motorcycle was impressed. Beautiful, non-standard design, a monumental six-cylinder engine, a battery of three chrome pipes from each side. With such a breathing force, the beautiful waited for rabid speeds and great power. It was like a two-disclosure brake to plant this power. The bike was run to 193 km/h, well managed, taking into account the size and weight of the move, and the engine worked smoothly, without vibration, in what exactly was the pile of a row.

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