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How much is it worth for a motorcycle?
March 17, 2023 – 11:31 am
Сдать на права на мотоцикл вы

The training of motorcycles and other vehicles in category " A " or " A1 " has recently been very popular. This is due to several factors:

  • Firstly, the fashion that has the properties of returning is the two-wheeled pattern in recent years.
  • Secondly, due to the greater manoeuvrability, compactness and practicality of motorcycles, movement on them in a tight road on the roads of large cities and megacities is much faster and more comfortable.
  • Thirdly, the increasing cost of fuel also affects the publicization of two-wheeled vehicles because of their more cost-effective use of petrol.

On the material point of view, it is worth noting that the cost of education is also different for different social groups. Consequently, there is an increasing number of applicants for a driving permit giving the right to control motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and other vehicles of this category every year.

Telephone consultations of Ekaterinburg:

The training and post-qualification of cadets claiming the opening of category " A " is estimated to be similar to " B " . The provision of theoretical and practical material is also identical, but motorcycle maintenance management can be learnt much faster. The values of category " A " rights are as follows:

  • GPS costs;
  • Insurance contributions;
  • Pay theoretical and practical lessons, internal examination (testation);
  • Prices for the processing of the GIBD package;

In some cases, additional exercises in theory or practice may be needed, which may also affect the final cost of training, but will guarantee that the courser will be able to to give motorcycle rights GIBD without any problems or difficulties.

Proposal from Asport

Our school has been preparing real vehicle driving pros for many years, which are later becoming a model for other road users.

In our cadets, we almost always guarantee that they will be able to apply to category " A " , as the Asport school is:

  • Innovation;
  • Intensive classes;
  • Individual approach;
  • High professionalism of trainers;
  • Fully equipped with its own vehicle;
  • Availability of modern training sites and roadblocks;
  • The possibility of creating a personal schedule for cadets.
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