Yawa Motorcycle

April 16, 2023 – 02:32 pm
мотоцикл Ява - 634 - Ява 634

Velorex started the production of motoxes in 1957. The first was a Velorex 560 motorcycle cap designed for JAWA 250 (type 353) and 350 (type 354). She was released in the classic dark red color of Yava. These Jawa motorcycle side trailers were supplied mainly to the Czechoslovak market to replace the scarce and expensive motoxes of other manufacturers. On the basis of the commercial success of the Velorex cap, type 560 (for Jawa 250 and 350), especially in foreign markets, and at the same time, in order to satisfy the wishes of the owners of Jawa 500 OHC motorcycles, the company decided to issue a new model of motorcycle caps. In 1958, the production of the Welores 561. Velorex type 561 was very similar to its predecessor, the Velorex type 560, the difference was the frame of the wheelchair, the anchorages and the more effective brakes that were applied from the Jawa 500 OHC motorcycle.

At the beginning of the 70-year period, the export to the Soviet Union of the Motorcycles Belores 560 of the USSR began.

The Velores 560 model was redecorated in the mid-1970s, with a monthly production of 800 units, with a total of about 89,000 motorcycle caps.

In August 1975, Velorex started to produce Velorex 562, the Velorex plant is currently being modified by type 562, 03. The wheelchair was installed on Jawa motorcycles (type 634) later on Java motorcycles 638, 639, 640. The sale of motorcycles from the Czechoslovakia side of the model was less than Velorex 560, so the factory has become increasingly focused on the export of its products. The monthly production of motoxes has grown steadily. The largest clients were the Soviet Union, Cuba, Hungary, Poland, USA, Canada, Western European countries. To meet the western standards and requirements of motorcycle belts, motorcycle anchorage systems have been strengthened and new, universal fastening kits have been developed, making it possible to operate Veloreks with most foreign motorcycle stamps. The cartridge(s) began to paint different colours in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Since 1982, Velorex has begun to produce luxury versions of motocole, known as type 562, 09, mainly to countries of Western Europe and the United States.

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