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Cdi, vape ignition and other moto parts
February 18, 2023 – 08:49 am
Многие считают

CDI, VAPE incineration on Java, Ij, Minsk, Wad, Pannonia, Murawai and others, as well as new and b/motosp parts.

CDI incineration

This ignition system has been well established and applied throughout the modern motor vehicle. The incineration is a completely uncontacted system (no unloaded parts that are now identified, a very reliable and simple indusive ignition sensor, and a generator based on permanent intact magnets). There's no fear of dust, dirt, water, which makes it uncomfortable to the environment, different from the bss based on the sensor, because all modern motors are driving on an induction sensor. The whole system is also in place and operates without an AKB, which is a great advantage, since it is not necessary to buy and keep track of it, which enables a motorcycle to be installed at any time and does not depend on the AKB, but if desired, it can be placed. The system also has separate sparkling and lighting systems independent of each other. The whole set is compact and requires a space less than full ignition. There are different switches to this system with different FIO regimes. There's also a choice of the power of the kit. All high-level kits (Taiwan), the details of the transients shall be manufactured at various equipment facilities. Individual purchase orders are also issued for the manufacture of other motor ignition kits, and for the manufacture of fine, frost, vegetables, plasmo cartridges according to your drawings.

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