Yaw Motorcycles 350

120 jawa (jawa) commercials
March 5, 2023 – 09:27 am
Мотоциклы Ява 350

Jawa (JAVA) 350 in post-Soviet space is indeed a legendary motorcycle, like Harley Davidson in America. The release of this Czech line began in 1974. More than a million pieces of equipment have been exported to the Soviet Union. This powerful and reliable motorcycle has been dreamed of by Soviet pioners and compassors, and today 350 has not lost its popularity, although it is no longer available. Yeah, the model's down. Japanese motorcycles All parameters. But the acceptable cost allows for the settlement of two-wheeled transport to anyone who wishes. One of the reasons for Yava ' s popularity is the style of appearance, which is beneficially different from that time ' s Soviet motorcycle producers. Even today, 350 is more attractive than some of the crazed Chinese geniuses. At the same cost, Czech motorcycles are more reliable. And the decline in operating costs, especially in the context of the lack of detail (the model has been removed from production more than 10 years ago) further tends to make the balance in favour of the Yawa. Although the original new deficit kits are available in large quantities. By unifying model series, many parts of the 350th approach other Java models. The same Chinese don't rotate while still producing small kits. The motorcycle is equipped with a two-cylindrical two-stroke engine, which is open for view. Refrigeration is airborne, but extremely efficient: overheating the 350th engine is unreal. With 350 " beatings " , the force aggregates 26 " horseback " , sufficient to remove a 156-kilogram motorcycle to 130 km/h. The word "Cupil Java, dig a hole" which suggests that the owner of the vehicle of the brand should be more careful on the track came out of 350. If you're looking for where to buy Yava Moto 350 in Ukraine, your browser opened the right site! This catalogue collects 120 private announcements for the sale of Jawa (JAVA) 350, the best that can be found in the secondary market today. The most extensive base of offers for the sale of used motorcycles of this model to all b/o technology sites is convenient. ♪ ♪

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