Painting A Motorcycle Was Stolen

Obi van knoby is asking for a motorcycle discount
May 24, 2023 – 07:53 am
Покраска Мотоцикл Урал - 8103

Ural Dark Force specialty, with a light sword.

Ural Dark Force. There will be a total of 25 tricycles. Actor Yuen McGregorthe Jedi van Kenobi activist already asked for a special discount. In his request, he argued that he already had his own light sword and did not need the one that was on his motorcycle.

The production of the Irish factory is well known in the United States. The Urals are in the garages of many Hollywood celebrities, including Brad Pitt. Yuen McGregor himself has two of them. Last year, some 1,000 motorcycles were sold in America and began to expand to Asian markets - Japan

In Dark Force, the motorcycle will receive:

- Light front headlamp
- black paint.
- black exhaust with ceramic coating
- Total saddle
- water resistant luggage in the rear of the wheelchair (82 litres)

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