Motorcycle Tanning

Entrance 2
November 12, 2023 – 06:45 am
Восход 3М под fafe-racer

Weight: 110 kg
Engine: 1-cylindrical
Working environment: 174 cm3
Engine power:10, 5 l. s.
Maximum speed: 95 km/h

Exodus 2 (...-1977) - from its predecessor, technical solutions were different to improve performance, reliability and appearance. In 1976, Recreation 2 was upgraded. Moderated " Foot 2 " was externally different from the predecessor ' s rounds of direction indicator lamps (their were rectangular), rear lamp, new shape silencers. New light-signalling devices, e-contact ignition system, new silencer are used. The engine power was 10, 5 l.s. (at 5,400 a/min), 15 N*m (at 5,200 a/min). Maximum speed 95 km/h, dry mass of 112 kg.

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