Motorcycles And Girls

Life and friend of my motorcycle: girls about motosport and their bikes
Ноябрь 6, 2016 – 08:16
мотоциклы и девушки!

24 years, Translator
Honda CB600F motorcycle, 3 years old

I've been enjoying motorcycles since I was a kid, and as soon as the combo of money, opportunity, time, I went to the moto school. Although the parents were abruptly opposed, and even the subject of extreme housewives was hardly tabooed. The training was surprisingly easy, and I gave up on the first time. And then my big brother suddenly called me into a crazy motoprobe on India, and I didn't think about it.

We've traveled 12,000 kilometres, scattered the continent, and for the first time I've felt that fastest travelers and frilancers' freedom. The dawns on the rocky shores, the sun that we dived with our heads, the accidents that were miraculously escaped, the night serpentines, the swelling rains, and the sun that broke in the fog that painted the algether slash of the leaves. At this point, I probably realized I was missing and I can't abandon my motorcycles in my life.

The next moto trip, on Thailand and on the streets of Cambodia, has been much harder. One of our friends almost got into an accident and broke the key, and we've been alive a few times. But the feeling, of course, is that for a few hours you're going through the jungle on a rocked motorcycle, hard to keep it from falling on a tiny ground or sand, and at a time when you're almost out of control, you've got a grind of an ancient temple with stubborn lianas.

I bought my bike by accident-- a friend asked me to sell his old bike, something clicked in my head, and I took it to myself. He and I are old.

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