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American travel on mercedes-amg g65 and steal
Декабрь 6, 2016 – 06:25
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American travel to Mercedes-AMG G65 and Urale from the side of the

United States Journalists Road Track went to the volcanic mountains of the Pacific coast of North America on two off-roads: Mercedes-AMG G65 for $220,000 and a Russian motorcycle with Ural Gear Up in the limite version of Sahara. We were so fond of their idea that we decided to show you the best pictures of this material.
Road " Track " journalists travelled on the North-West Pacific coast to the Cascade Mountains, where five active volcanoes are located. One, Gora Reinir, is located only 88 kilometres from Seattle, the largest city of the north-western United States.

For their adventure, they chose two very different vehicles: the most expensive Mercedes SUV, AMG G65, and Russian. Motorcycle with sidecar Ural model Gear Up. It's not just, it's from the limited Sahara series.
Ural's motorcycles are now using an incredible popularity in the US. Especially the pram models.

Ural Gear Up Sahara is a motorcycle with a wheel-operated wheelchair (name 2WD), an opposition engine of 749 cubic centimeters with air cooling (41 l.s) and a four-stage gearbox.

The Saharan version is a list of additional equipment, including dodge, swan, protective oaths around and so on. A motorcycle is worth $17,999, excluding taxes and delivery.

For Ural Gear Up Sahara, a ceramic output (for $1,500), a non-road package ($199) and extra-travel covers ($500). The final price of such a " bike " is streaming $20,000 at the Halrey-Davidson top model level.
In Russia, the price of Ural Gear Up begins with an estimated 687,000 roubles. This bike will have Brembo disk brakes and adjustable depreciators. The maximum speed of the motorcycle is 110 kilometres per hour and the " recommended " is 70 kilometres per hour.
It is true that Mercedes-AMG G65 is more expensive: in the United States, this model is estimated at around $220,000. Under the hood, she has a six-litre V12 with a turbocharged turbocharged £630 and 1,000 Nm torque.

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