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Review of the yamaha st 225 bronco scrrambler model
April 19, 2023 – 08:25 am
На дорогах Японии не встретишь

The model of the Yamaha ST 225 Bronco scrambler has been marketed since May 1997 and is produced until 1998. The motorcycle was built on the enduro Yamaha XT225 Serow base, primarily for the Japanese domestic market. The model is also called Yamaha Bronco 225.

Main accessible colours are yellow (Light Reddish Yellow Solid) and gray (Light Gray Metallic). The model is distinguished by the presence of chrome parts, round headlamps and other retro-grade features.

Yamaha Bronco 225 was based on a 1-cylindrical 4-stroke air cooling engine of 223 cubic cm, producing 20 ls power and nearly 19 Nm torque. The engine was reset from Yamaha XT225 Serow.
The model differs with a steel frame, simple suspensions in the form of a normal telescopic forehead and a mono-amortizer in the rear, with wheels on 19' and 18', chrome wings, exhaust, headlamp, instrument panel, rear lamp and bends; 6-stage pH, fuel tank on 8, 3

The Yamaha model ST 225 Bronco was produced throughout 1997, after which it was removed. At the time of its withdrawal, the price new motorcycle was 399 000 yen. The Yamaha Bronco 225 model is now widely available in Japanese auctions, at a cost of $2500.

Yamaha ST225 Bronco in class:
Honda CB223S / Honda FTR 223
Kawasaki Estrella 250
Suzuki Grasstracker 250

The Yamaha Bronco 225 model is removed from production.

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