Motorcycle And Jupiter 5 Specifications

October 28, 2023 – 07:04 am
Иж Юпитер 5 технические

JOYPTER 5: Road motorcycle
The roadblock Yig Jupiter 5-020-03 (Is 6.113-020-03) refers to middle-class motorcycles and is designed to operate on different surfaces.

May be operated with a side passenger or cargo trailer and a universal cargo module.

The motor cycle may be additionally equipped with knee shields and trunks.

The MI-Yupiter 5-026-03 (6.113-026-03) is equipped with a front hydraulic fork with a pneumatic resolution and a disc brake.

A popular model of a classic motorcycle. It is intended to operate on roads with different surfaces. The motorcycle is equipped with an engine with a liquid cooling system that ensures steady operation in any mode, reduces noise and reduces fuel consumption. The base model is equipped with a telescopic fork, with wheels and a two-call drum brake.

The Ij 6.113-026-03 model is equipped with a high-speed hydropneumatic fork and a front wheel disc brake.
The motorcycle may be operated with a side trailer.
Traditional qualities :
time-tested design

Motorcycle technical characteristics Yig Jupiter 4
Number of cylinders - 2
Engine capacity - 347.6 cm3
Location of cylinders - Private
Maximum power at - 28/(5600-6200 / min.)
Number of tacts - 2
Cooling system - air
Cylinder diameter/pistula approach - 62, 0x58, 0 mm.
Compression - 9, 51
Number of gears - 4
Type of transmission - chain
Front wheel size - 3, 50 - 18
Rear wheel size - 3, 50 - 18
Mass (dry) not exceeding - 155 kg.
Weight, including liquid, 180 kg.
Benzobaka is 17 l.
Fuel consumption (average) - 6 litres
Maximum speed - 125 km/h (by passport)
Time of dispersal up to 100 km/h (by passport) - 18 seconds.
It's 100 km/h (extreme) to 8 seconds.
Front brakes - drums
Rear brakes - drum

Manoeuvrability (great streets)
adjustable suspensions (asphalt, no road)

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