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Enterment 2mm
February 3, 2023 – 07:29 am
мотоцикл Восход - 3M - Восход

Восход-2МCarpet motorcycles have a long-standing reputation for simple, uncomfortable and reliable vehicles. As a result, they are in demand in urban areas, especially in rural areas where groundwater is prevalent, and in maintenance and repair, they rely mainly on their forces. Therefore, factory specialists, constantly improving the motorcycle design, are looking for solutions that can be used without difficult gears on the wounds of the models released. Thus, it is possible to avoid the excessive expansion of the replacement parts nomenclature, and owners, in another repair, to upgrade the old machines by establishing new nodes and details.

There was no exception to the " Moving 2M " used by the factory at the end of 1977. From the predecessor, it has benefited from improvements in such important capacities as power, comfort, durability, cost-effectiveness.

Engine. In order to increase its capacity to 14 l. s. (some 30 per cent) and maintain its previous workload (173, 7 cm3) it was necessary to change the configuration of the canals in the cartridge and cylinder for a better filling of the working mixture and to redo the head to increase compression (up to 9, 2) and cooling area.

The new head of the ignition candle is located at the centre of the combustion chamber, not the side as in the previous models. There is also no decompressor in which there is now virtually no need to clean the cylinder from the non-burning mixture to facilitate the beam with electronic ignition, a better plow, etc., very rarely.

The central opening in the head greatly facilitates the setting of the moment of ignition, as it allows for the measurement of the position of the flogging by the simplest means.

The retrofit engine is designed for high-octane gasoline AI-93, but can be operated for A-76. Of course, its power and torque will be slightly lower.

In order to increase the life of one of the main engine nodes, the crankcase, in the lower head of the shuttle, a needle 464805D was used in lieu of the so-called saturary cap. Tests have shown that the durability of the knot with such a cap has increased by a factor of 1.5.

As long as the new engine is equipped with a K36B carburettor, it will be replaced by a more sophisticated type K62.

Despite the increase in engine power, fuel consumption remained unchanged, with a reference value of 4,4 l/100 km.

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