Motorcycle 3M-01

The elevation (motorcycle) is:
November 5, 2023 – 12:51 pm
01 Мотоцикл Восход - 3М-01

Recreation is the mark of road motorcycles, the production of the Degtyareve (ZD) Further development of the K-175 series, issued from 1957 to 1965. All Motorcycles had a single-cylindrical two-stroke air cooling engine with a working volume of 173, 7 cm3 (diameter of cylinder 61, 72 mm, piston travel 58 mm).

Models released

  • Motocycle had a single-cylindrical two-stroke engine, a two-channel loop on Schnürle's patent, a four-step gearbox. Unlike the predecessor (C-175B motor cycle), the engine power has been increased to 10 l.s. (at 5200-5400 o/min), the torque to 14 N*m (at 5100 o/min), the contact ignition, the G-411 generator, the benzot shape, the trunk and the stacked shields. Maximum speed 90 km/h, drying mass 110 kg.
  • Entrance-2 (?1977) - Technical solutions to improve performance, reliability and appearance were different from his predecessor. In 1976, Recreation 2 was upgraded. Moderated " Foot 2 " was externally different from the predecessor ' s rounds of direction indicator lamps (their were rectangular), rear lamp, new shape silencers. New light-signalling devices, e-contact ignition system, new silencer are used. The engine power was 10, 5 l.s. (at 5,400 a/min), 15 N*m (at 5,200 a/min). Maximum speed 95 km/h, dry mass of 112 kg.
  • Mode 2M (1977-? ) - Engine power increased to 14 l.s. at 5500-5800 o/min (previous working volume 173, 7 cm3) and maximum torque to 1, 6 kgsm (16 N*m) at 5,600 o/min, with a change in canal configuration in the cartridge and the cylinder and the new head. The retrofit engine was calculated on high-octane gasoline AI-93, but could also work on A-76. The front fork has been changed: the diameter of the pipes has been increased and the amortizers improved, the fork has increased by 20 mm to 160 mm. Maximum speed of 105 km/h, dry mass of 121 kg.
  • Entrance 3 (1979-?) - its predecessor is different from another fuel tank (2 litres more), the intake system, the rear amortizers with an enlarged energy capacity (at an angle of 12° to the vertical, provide a wheel of 105 mm). The retrofit brakes are used (from 125 to 160 mm diameter of brake drums), the wheels, the G-427 generator (nominal voltage 7B), the saddle has been improved. Maximum speed 105. ♪ ♪
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