Driving Machine 16

16 mt long-distance test
April 1, 2023 – 12:43 pm
Днепр МТ-16

Dnieper motor cycle 16 MTs, whose technical characteristics are impressed, are considered to be the most successful serial bike ever produced on the Kiev Motose. We're proud of our traditions, no matter what. That many compatriots have been disappointed in the Soviet, Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian bachelors, starting to support Chinese, Japanese and even American producers of two, three-wheeled.

Sixteen Dnieper is the Baik inheritor of the famous Dnieper 11. However, this model has undergone radical changes.

The Dnieper 16 MT motor cycle from the CMZ was equipped with a wheelchair power transmission. This has slightly increased the passability of domestic roads, which can kill their dirt and bad asphalt cover (vain, open cheek, open resin, and simply lack of hard coating).

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