Harley-davidson roadster snow drag
April 26, 2023 – 10:19 am

new.titleCatholics from Slovakia made a real furror to the Network, publishing photographs and videos of an previously invisible technician, a Harley-based snowmobile.

Of course, a relatively long time ago, there are all kinds of ways to turn. motorcycles in snow and the replacement of cycles and motorcycles for skis and skis, but this is one of the first qualitative projects when the donor becomes the American motorcycle Harley-Davidson.

According to the representatives of the Harley-Davidson Banska-Bistrica salon (Harley-Davidson Banska Bystrica), where the snowwall was established, the purpose of the project was precisely to create a snowmotor based on the Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Harley Davidson XL - 1,200 CX Roadster was the basis for development.
After the removal of the front wheel, the front ski anchorages were constructed, but it was harder to find a reliable solution for adjusting the time-drive of the bike and goose that was operated by the chain. In fact, the developers were to completely replace the rear pendulum and remove the belt from the belt system by establishing an open circuit transfer.

In addition, the motorcycle was removed from its own braking system, including ABS, as the installed new group of snow tuning has its own braking system, which was connected to the front brake lever.

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