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The new Russian motorcycle had a wire
September 15, 2023 – 05:38 am
Урал Волк

Фотография: Официальный сайт «Ночных волков»The concept of the first Russian motorcycle, Volk, was first revealed to the public at the bike centre of the Night Wolfs in Moscow. The first images of the prototype of their motorcycle " Night Wolves " presented about a year ago, at which time the inventors promised to bring the current model to the Baik Shaw in Sevastopol in August. But in the end, the premiere was rescheduled for a year.

The full presentation of the Volka will be held at the Baik Show in Sevastopol on 21 August this year.

Photo: Official website Night wolves

According to Zaldostanova, the idea of a Russian motorcycle arose years ago. " Every time I sit on Harley, Yamaha or Honda, I feel like an unfinished business, I told you. Surgery in interviews with Sevastopol stories. - Why is it such a great power as Russia, which launchs rockets into outer space that make the world ' s best military aircraft, submarines, ships and the world ' s best tanks that build the most reliable nuclear stations, suddenly it can't create a motorcycle or a car that could be as proud as possible?

The Russian motorcycle Volk will be the first to contribute to the new era of Russian traffic. It is, of course, not until Harley, but it is not Ural or Dnieper, although these motorcycles have their fans.

As long as the Volk is conducting an integrated test programme, it will not be possible to test it in the simple deaths case before the presentation in Sevastopol. But it is known that the design of the bike is fully approved and completed. The Surgeon itself, however, was able to test a test piece of the future serial model.

" Our Russian motorcycle, modern, powerful and sufficiently advanced on many parameters, has said the Surg. - I'm sure he'll show Russia a lot and be able to compete with his classmates of importation. He has a Russian spirit and a wolf character.

The first development of the motorcycle began at the Porschen plant (Mr. Voljski). However, according to the enterprise ' s site, it specializes in the production of technology equipment for chemical, oil and gas reservoir parks. The first design results and first images of the Volka prototype were published in the summer of 2014.

Фотография: Официальный сайт «Ночных волков» Кастомная версия Moto Guzzi на выставке «Нефть и газ — 2015». Фотография:
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