Issue Motorcycle Rights

How do you open category a if there is b?
May 3, 2023 – 07:03 am
Как быстро получить права на

как получить категорию аThe existence of a driving permit for the administration of a higher category of vehicle exempts separate training for the acquisition of rights driving Lower category.

This means that, before opening category A, if there is a B, the driver should not be further trained.

How do you get category A if there's a B?

In order to open category A, if there is a B, the driver will be able to collect the necessary package of documents and pass the examinations. The transmission procedure will consist of theoretical and practical parts. Similarly, category B can be obtained in open D.теоретический экзамен на категорию а To this end, the owner must collect such papers:

  • Driver ' s certificate;
  • Passport;
  • Driver certificate plate;
  • State fee receipt;
  • medical report.

The certificate from the hospital is given in accordance with the established model. This document shows the possibility of driving the selected category. Together with a package of paper The driver must write a statement.the example of which can be taken to the MER. All necessary counselling services will be provided to the GIBD Registry and Examination Division. The site can trace the hours of work of such a department at the place of receipt and find contact details.

документы на праваConditions for admission to the examination

One very important aspect is that persons who have attained the age of 14 may attend the course, and only citizens who have attained the age of 16 may be admitted to the practical examination. Retraining from category B to A Also obliges the owner to undergo a preliminary medical examination♪ The driver will be admitted to the practical examination only after giving a certificate of its appropriateness to the management of this mode of transport.

Subject to the absence of any category of rights The driver is given the opportunity to take a theoretical course on the individual programme. In such a case, private trainers are trained and licensed to carry out such activities.

Theoretical part

An examination of theory in the case of the opening of category A, if there is a category B, allows the examinationer to determine the level of theoretical training of the driver. On the basis of the results obtained, the instructors shall decide whether the owner of the vehicle should be allowed to pass the practical part of the examination.

An exam is available for the selection of a list of tickets, each containing twenty questions. The driver must choose one correct answer from the list.

практический экзамен на категорию а автодром

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