Motorcycle And Jupiter 7

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March 23, 2023 – 11:49 am
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There are a lot of variations and legends on this subject. They're united in one question - can the police prosecute a biker or a scooter pilot? So...
Baika No. 1. Trace a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle is prohibited by traffic regulations.
Bay No. 2. Trace a motorcycle, scooter, moped only if helmets are on the driver and passengers.
Baika No. 3. If you're being followed by a crew or a DPS patrol, you're gonna have to take off the helmet and the chase stops instantly because it's forbidden (see Bike No. 2).
Baik No. 4. Trace a motorcycle, a scooter, a moped, if the driver is 18 years old.
Baika No. 5. Traceing motorcycles, mopeds and scooters prohibits internal instructions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Baika No. 6. Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are permitted only if they are equipped with sidecars.
Baika No. 7. Trace a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle is prohibited if there are passengers.
Baika No. 8. Trace a motorcycle, a scooter or a bicycle is prohibited in the city line.
Baika No. 9. When you chase a bike, they'll never shoot or otherwise hurt him.
Baika No. 10. Even if they get caught, there's nothing to the motorcycle driver, because it's not a car.
Well, we're forced to disappoint all the two-wheel romantics! All these and similar bikes have nothing to do with reality. This is information from the ABS agency. In other words, one fool makes it up, and thousands of such inexpensive dreamers spread this crap all over the network. Other bikes, as you can see, unless you can't just tell me the truth.
What's the problem?
It's not a big deal.
Wake up! DPS has the right to prosecute any vehicle, including a motorcycle, a moped, a scooter, a tricycle, a quadricycle, a quadricycle, a trail. In order for you to be " connected " , the GyBD patrol does not necessarily cross a double whole or travel " red " . It's enough that there's no hotel or a stacked helmet on the head. ♪

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