Motorcycles And Planet 7

Motorcycle and planet feedback 7
April 20, 2023 – 07:12 am
Планета 7

Technical characteristics

  • Make:
  • Model: Planet 7
  • Type: Class
  • Engine capacity: 249 cm3
  • CAT: Mechanics 4
  • Dry mass: 160 kg
  • Road light: 135 mm

Hello, everyone! When the subject came up about motorcycles, I just couldn't stand by and decided to write about my favorite, which, in my view, is simply not equal - IW Planet 7 of 1997.

Owners ' feedback

IW Planet 7 - withdrawal of owner

I bought this pearl of a domestic car sale at $400 early in 2002. You must have thought now, and what's so special about it that's not in the same Planet 5 IW, because the price for this model is much lower. And the difference between them is quite serious, P-7 has an electronic ignition that doesn't need any further adjustment, he can work as an ACCUMULTOR! The clutch mechanism has been fully improved by manufacturers, and it is now not only well operated but also regulated. Otherwise, there is no difference between these two models.

иж планета 7I think I'm lucky to have bought this wonderful motorcycle with a very small 5,000 km run. The owner didn't care too much about his two-wheeled friend, but in general, his technical condition was in good shape. After the purchase, it had to be replaced by stitches and turnouts.

And I started his new round. I'd like to give your attention a small report on the operation of IW Planet 7 motorcycles in rural areas during the last five seasons, after which 11,000 km have elapsed.

Front fork

When I was on it my first 5,000 kilometers, I noticed that the forks were blown. Which means he was 100% in an accident that the old owner told me not a word. After I changed the engine oil, I just didn't recognize my bike. Walking was not only soft, but also smooth, but it was not at all on the khabah. The road has become more comfortable. I've crossed it with a total of 11,000 km with two passengers, and it's only after that I've had a front fork. I'm using a salon that can buy 300 roubles in the market.

Rear suspension

Amortizers that were originally flown in 7,000 km at the same intensive drive of 3 people at no cost. Changed the salonies, poured the engine butter, the comfort resumed.


I've got a different gasoline from 80 to 92, depending on the mood. The jig is totally fucked up by what it's supposed to be, and it's probably gonna be a bit of a cut.

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