Android Motorcycle Race

Trials frontier
May 4, 2023 – 07:50 am
Traffic Rider

  • Gonki
  • Android, iOS
  • Language: Russian
  • Price: Free
  • Rolling

Crazy tracks and tricks on motorcycles.

It's hard to find a genre mix like the Trials Frontier. It would seem like a normal mothtrial, but it's actually also the West and the Arcad and the elements of the RPG are also present. The essence of the game is, of course, the passing of the tracks silated under the wild west on motorcycles and the performance of crazy tricks to recruit more points.


Android or iOS races are rarely different, but not in this case. Initially, we're in a village where we're going to have to swing the building, and we must open up all new and new locations as we pass. There is a garage in which transport details can be collected (through implementation of all the quests give us fragments of the drawings of new motorcycles) and then improve it. Each motorcycle consists of four parts: wheel, engine, wheel and frame. Of course, each motorcycle has its level of performance, but in general they are divided into four categories: speed, acceleration, inclination and adhesion.

In the Trials Frontier game, we will perform a variety of quests in which we will not only earn a gambling currency to modernize transport, but also open up new locations and drawing elements. The quest is to pass the track for a certain period of time, for a number of attempts, or for some tricks (e.g. to make four rear saltos in a row).


Like all the modern games, we meet the donat here, but it doesn't affect the game too much. The only thing that matters is when fuel ends, it becomes impossible to play until the tanks are filled over again.
Games on motorcycles Seldom when they offer opportunities for ghost races, but there's a chance we have. We can test our skills in the game by confronting the ghosts of other gayers around the world.
The classification of motorcycles in the game allows the choice of suitable transport for certain types of tracks. Let's say, for more complicated tracks, it's better to take manoeuvring motorcycles, and for the simpler, it's balanced.

Trials Frontier (3) Trials Frontier Trials Frontier (4)

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