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Honda has created a motorcycle that cannot fall from (video)
February 24, 2023 – 08:57 am
Рэт-байк Honda VFR Swamp Rat

The Conceptual Motorcycle (externally similar to the NC700) model is equipped with some type of autopilot, but the Honda decided not to disclose all the details by telling only one of the technologies, the one that would not lower the bike at small speeds.

Engineers taught the motorcycle to balance itself: electronics, based on sensor readings, make the fork constantly turn to keep the machine vertical. In addition, at speeds of less than 5 km/h, the motorcycle itself reduces the inclination angle of the fork.

A system called Riding Assist can work even when a two-wheeled car is standing there, so the motorcycle goes without a foot. It is true that when the technology is expected to be applied to serial models, the Japanese have not been annotated.

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