Water Bike Races

Water bike races 3d
August 26, 2023 – 05:32 am
Гонки на водных мотоциклах

Secure your powerful water hydromotocycle to adrenaline game. PowerBoat Racing♪ A multiplier regime is available to play with friends and other players. The water bike races in 3D on Android are a fascinating sight. You should try this unusual voyage for once.

Powerboat Racing combines excellent visual and sound effects. And if you also add to this modern hemples and the intense new type of transport competition, you get a great mobile game, a potential hit. The races on water bikes offer you an adrenaline release into blood, intense action, high speed and much interesting. It's not that easy to control a water bike. Try to set a record time for the circle.


  • 8 levels, just over 40 smaller levels in the Career regime
  • Make the coins fast enough to buy and improve your swimming gear.
  • Major competition simulation (up to four opponents, supported by Play Game Services)
  • 3D schedule award and soft, realistic effects

How to play Powerboat Racing?

  • Bow the phone to run the boat.
  • Press the gas button on the right to speed up.
  • Press the brake on the left to slow down.
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