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The history of motorcycles has long shown a special
March 20, 2023 – 11:34 am

Motorcycle history
Humanity has long shown particular interest in transport and mechanical aggregations. Many inventors wanted to move with mechanics well before the end of the 19th century. Attempts to curb internal combustion engines have, in the end, begun to create the first motorcycle model tech.

They built something similar to a bike with a engine, German engineers. This invention of Gottlib Dymler, as well as Vilgelma Maybach, mankind has rushed to encroach on the original moto. It was a huge event in the far away 1885. The spirit of the above-mentioned designers has entered the annals of motorcycle history. Inventors used a gasoline carbural engine for their little miracle not particularly and powerful under current measures. They called the last inventor's name. The aggregate developed a capacity of 1.5 horses and was mounted on a wooden frame. It's remarkable that the first bike had wooden wheels.

The Soviet era is a special time in motorcycle history.

The paternal industry has given the world more than the millions of iron horses produced. The Soviet Union was one of not many places where the bike became a mass dignity. Thanks to these countries, motorcycles have spread to the mass at full depth, so to speak. The history of the motorcycle is closely linked to the domestic conway, which, with all the limitations of the vigour of production, could be proud of its motor production more than China or India until the end of the 1990s. This is a clear example of Mongolia, which, to date, has tried to buy moto in Russia, ignoring the inaccurate " Made in China " .

The history of motorcycles in socialist countries is impressive. Motorcycles in the USSR have reached mass near the end of the 1950s. Two decades later, 1,4 million products were maintained at a high level by artificial means. At the end of the restructuring, in the last full year of the Union ' s existence, we were even able to go to an even second place in the volume of iron horses. Only Japan was able to override the USSR.

The history of the motorcycle could have been different if the initial industrial backwardness of the current CIS countries had not been eliminated by a rather unusual method.

Since the beginning of 1992, demand for domestic motos has declined sharply. Consequently, the production of domestic motorcycles has gradually been phased out.

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